Santiniketan paramedical College

From President Desk:

I feel privileged being the President of the Santiniketan Paramedical College (SPC), I still have the fresh memories of challenges we faced during the days of our struggle, to establish this college. There were many stumbling blocks and teething troubles but our clear vision and unshaken resolve overcame all, to establish the Santiniketan Paramedical College (SPC)as we see it today. We are committed to providing quality health care services and also producing efficient manpower for the healthcaresector.
Acquiring the required amount of land, mobilizing finance, recruiting qualified staff and procuring expensive medical equipments would not have been that easy for us in the initial stages without financial support from our trust, SWADHIN . Against all these odds we just continued to work hard with sincere and honest intentions to reach our goal. There is a saying “If there is a will, there is a way” which can be justly exemplified in our case.
As the President of this College, I can provide assurance that academic excellence as well as comfort and safety of the students are our topmost priority. This College offers the best opportunity to aspiring students to fulfil their ambition of getting world class education and training in health sciences.
I warmly welcome the eager students to be a part of Santiniketan Paramedical College (SPC)and join the World of Opportunities.