Santiniketan paramedical College

Clinical Facilities/ Practical Training for Students:

The Associate Institutes in Health sector

Santiniketan Institute of Allied Health Science

Hospital Collaboration:

1.Bolpur Subdivisional Hospital


 2.Santiniketan Sebaniketan (Nursing Home )

Clinical Facilities are provided for training to the students at Hospitals, Community Health Centres and Primary Health Centres. Apart from this we have Associated for Internship with Hospital

Students undergo practical training in 540  bedded multi-specialty hospital;  Bolpur Sub Divisional Hospital at Bolpur, WB ,To provide varied exposure of different clinical environment & work culture, the students are encouraged to participate in clinical activities in their respective area.

Analysis of the institute:

Instittional strength:

These institutions include the family, education, religion, and the economy. “Each moral career, and behind this, each self, occurs within the confines of an institutional system, whether a social establishment such as a mental hospital or a complex of personal and professional relationships.
Institutional opportunity :

1.There are numerous career opportunities in the domain of digital health in the back-office, operations, marketing, content development and multiple other areas. For example:
• Entry level Digital Health Product Executives
• Associate Medical Writer – Digital Health
• Data analyst
• Operations executives in integrated Health Information System
• Digital health educators
• MIS expert

2.The overall Indian healthcare market today is worth US$ 100 billion and is expected to grow to US$ 280 billion by 2020, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.9 per cent. The diverse career opportunities in this field include –

• Hospital Operations
• NGO’s– Health Project Management
• Healthcare Consultancy Planning & Designing Hospitals
• Hospital Information System
• Healthcare Insurance
• Medical Tourism
• Tele-Medicine

Criteria wise summary of the institution based on SAR

a. Curricular aspects :
Curriculum is the essential ingredient of any education system regardless of the education level. All other aspects whether teaching, learning and evaluation or research and development, infrastructure and learning resources, student activities and support system revolve around it.

b. Teaching learning and evaluation :

Obtaining frequent feedback on your teaching, getting regular insight on student learning, soliciting student opinion during the term, Assessing a course at the end of the term.

c. Research innovation extension :

d. Infrastructure and learning resource :
Physical Facilities, Library as a Learning Resource, infrastructure, Smart Class Room.

e. Student support and progression :
Student support services include prevention, assistance, transition and follow-up services for students


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